Friday, March 13, 2009

Brown Pants

I love this joke!

So, there's a ship sailing on the ocean and the first mate sees a pirate ship sailing in their direction.
"Captain! Captain! What do we do?" The first mate yells frantically
"Bring me my red shirt" The captain answers calmly
So they win.
The next day, the first mate sees two ships coming toward them.
"Captain! Captain! What do we do?" The first mate yells again
"My red shirt please" The captain answers
They win again, and that night, the first mate confronts the captain
"I gotta know" He says "Why do you always want your red shirt?"
"Oh" The wise captain says "So that if I get hurt, you won't be able to see my blood and you won't lose hope."
"Oh" The first mate says, nodding "That makes sense"
The next day, 10 pirate ships come into view. The first mate runs to the captain.
"Captain!" He cried "I'll get your red shirt!"
"No" The captain says, grabbing the first mate by the arm "Bring me my brown pants"

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